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The Time Travel Piece

Seke has imagined a choreographer who discovers a time machine in a theatre and travels into the future. This character attends three different dance performances at three different points in the future. When he returns to the present, he tries to recreate the dances that he has seen on his journey through time.


Choreography: Seke Chimutengwende


Performers: Kirsty Arnold, Charlie Ashwell, Seke Chimutengwende, Theo Clinkard, Michael Picknett, Eleanor Sikorski, Flora Wellesley Wesley


Lighting Designer: Gareth Green


Costume Designer: Annie Pender


Composer: Michael Picknett


Commissioned for The Place Prize 2012, sponsored by Bloomberg.


Performed at The Place, September 2012

The Place Prize for dance 2012. Sponsored by Bloomberg. Photos: Benedict Johnson

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