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The Band

A farewell concert where the end is the beginning and the beginning can take you anywhere.


Inspired by the words “transformation”, “contagion” and the question, “who are your heroes?” seven dancers celebrate group chemistry in a show that remakes itself every time it is performed.


A show of hands, hearts and heroes!



Choreography: Seke Chimutengwende


Performers: Olivia Calder, Ioannis Economides, Florence Foster, Kit King, Sara Ribeiro, Jessica Smith, Nuno Vieira Mesquita, Ella Ballard, Jack Boswell, Kasper Christensen, Ripp Greatbatch, Inari Hulkkonen, Tomoko Kagatsume, Pianpian Li


Rehearsal director: Jennifer-Lynn Crawford


Costumes: Melissa Burton


Music: “Mister Follow Follow” by Fela Kuti, “W & J/ Wayne Alone” by Jamie McCarthy, “The “In” Crowd” by The Ramsey Lewis Trio, “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down” by The Band




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