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Plastic Soul

Plastic Soul tells the story of the rise and fall of a mythical performer, whose image and identity are constantly morphing.


A cross between a music gig, a dance performance and a documentary, Chimutengwende steps up to the mic in a series of increasingly demanding and outlandish roles.


As the transformations escalate, what we thought was underneath it all - the human soul - becomes ever more part of the act.


An odyssey of reinvention, Plastic Soul is an experiment in storytelling and metamorphosis that takes us to the limits of what we can become.





Written, choreographed & performed by Seke Chimutengwende

Music by Jamie McCarthy

Video by Eleanor Sikorski

Costumes by Annie Pender

Lighting Design by Marty Langthorne

Dramaturgy by Season Butler & Charlie Ashwell

Rehearsal direction by Helena Webb

Movement research with Stephanie McMann

Vocal coaching by Melanie Pappenheim

Performers in video: Season Butler, Charlotte Cooper, Justin Hunt, Harold Offeh, Efrosini Protopapa & George Shire

Producer: Charlie Ashwell





29th January - 2nd February 2019 at The Yard Theatre, NOW '19 Festival

15th Februrary at York Theatre Royal



Commissioned by The Yard Theatre, with support from Arts Council England, York Dance Space, Roehampton University, The Place, TripSpace, Siobhan Davies Dance and Royal College of Art.


Photos: Maurizio Martorana

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