Photo: Ben Harriott & Amanda Russell

In rehearsal

Photos by Liam Keown

Dancers (clockwise from top): Rose Sall Sao, Natifah White, Adrienne Ming, Adrienne Ming & Rhys Dennis, the whole group, Alethia Antonia, Alethia Antonia & Rhys Dennis

Image at top of page: Charlie Morrissey


Horror Project

Horror Project is a new group choreography looking at ghosts and haunted houses as metaphors for how histories of slavery and colonialism haunt the present.


From June to August 2021 Seke undertook residencies at Dance4, Bluecoat, Newstead Abbey and The Place, funded by ACE Project Grants, joined by a group of 5 dancers - Natifah White, Rose Sall Sao, Rhys Dennis, Alethia Antonia, and Adrienne Ming; as well as dramaturg Charlie Ashwell.


Previous research residencies have taken place at The Place (Choreodrome), Battersea Arts Centre, Wainsgate Dances and Chats Palace during 2019 & 2020.





Online panel discussion - "Haunting Newstead Abbey": click here


Video interview with Charlie Morrissey, Wainsgate Dances: click here


Online conversation with Marie-Anne McQuay, Bluecoat, Liverpool: click here


Black Newstead exhibition at Newstead Abbey

Exhibition of photos by Ben Harriott & Amanda Russell, from Seke and the dancers' residency at Newstead Abbey.

2nd October - 21st November

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Below is a reading of a choreographic score, written as part of Seke's research, which was included in the online symposium 'Proximity: new directions in art and social repair', organised by Migrant Artists Mutual Aid.