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Mass, Material & Disturbance


‘Mass’ is like how do we work together? And 'Material’ is like what is the stuff that we’re working with?


And ‘Disturbance’... I feel disturbed by a lot of things that are going on in the world. And I feel like I also want to disturb existing ways of thinking, existing orders that I think don’t function well.





Mass, Material & Disturbance was a 3 week research project at TripSpace, as part of TripHazard, a project inviting 6 dance artists to investigate the relationship between their teaching and choreographic practice.


Working with a large group of dancers, Seke ran a choreographic research process divided into three weeks:




What happens when we gather? What governs what we do? Can we make something that stands for all of us? In this week, we will look at group-ness; choruses, flocks, multitudes, polyphonies and collective movements.




What are performances made of? What materialises and from where? And how do we relate to what comes up? In this week, we will deal with the matter of performance; making things up, breaking things down and re-arranging the furniture.




What bothers us about dance? What disturbs us in the world and what can we disturb through dancing? This week we will shake things up, interfere, interrupt, cut through, make noise, provoke and get silly.



Performed by Temitope Ajose, Kirsty Arnold, Charlie Ashwell, Lorea Burge, Alexandrina Hemsely, Frances Morgan, Eleni Papaioannou, Hannah Parsons, Eleanor Sikorski, Helena Webb, and Flora Wellesley Wesley.


with additional input from Sofie Burgoyne, Tim Clark, Luke Divall, Leah Marojevic, Stephanie McMann.


Music: Beethoven String Quartet C# minor, Op.131 - Adagio ma non troppo e molto espressivo - Quartetto Italiano.

Video: Daniel Persson

Photos: Sam Coren


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Drawing by Felix Solomons Chimutengwende

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